Case Study: Why Exceptional Recruiting is Key to Expanding Operations

TERR Suddath

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Suddath and TERRA Staffing Group

This case study explores TERRA Staffing Group’s partnership with Suddath—a global transportation, relocation management and logistics company in need of a new staffing approach to accommodate a significant increase in the scale of their operations. In it, we examine:

  • The different challenges presented to Suddath by a sudden, but crucial opportunity to expand their business
  • TERRA Staffing’s approach to sourcing and screening talent
  • The sustainable system developed as a result of our partnership


Suddath was presented with an opportunity to land a huge client that would significantly increase their company revenue, and knew they would need to find a way to adapt without compromising the quality of their work. TERRA Staffing Group quickly aligned with Suddath, and as a result of our partnership, Suddath accomplished:

Dramatically reduced turnover

Consistent staffing levels with high quality personnel


Half of the injury ratio compared to the previous year

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