My New Career Makes Me Happy – This Is the Perfect Place for Me

Saron Ok was living and working in suburban Pennsylvania, as a supervisor for a mail-sorting company. He enjoyed the work he did so much, he worked there for over nine years!

Although he was happy in his role, Saron was not happy in Pennsylvania. He longed to be closer to his family and friends, who lived in Washington state.

“I missed being around the people closest to me,” he said

Rather than continue to wish he were closer to his loved ones, he decided to take action.

Saron said, “I decided to move to Washington. I was ready for new experiences and opportunities, and was excited for a new career.”

One of his friends was working with TERRA Staffing Group and suggested that Saron contact them. Taking their advice, he called TERRA’s Everett office and set up an interview for later that week.

Saron was open to taking any type of work, including temporary assignments. He needed to start making some income. Plus, temp work would satisfying his craving for something new.

Everett Recruiter Lisa Simmons noticed that in addition to having mail sorting experience, Saron also had experience doing electronic assembly. She had a client who was looking to hire an electronic assembler.

“When I first met Saron, he was funny, polite and eager to find the right job. He had excellent communication skills and was knowledgeable about the electronic assembly field. He also had experience with hand soldering and wire assembly, which are hard skills to find. I knew this would be a great way for him to start a new career.”

She set up a job interview for him for the next day.

“The client was excited about Saron’s skills and was also impressed with his personality. They said he’d be a great culture fit for the team,” Lisa said.

The client knew they wanted to extend an offer to Saron that very same day!

“I was so excited to receive my job offer!” he exclaimed.

And we’re happy to share that he is enjoying the role.

Saron said, “I love that the job is high-tech and that I learn a lot every day. This is the perfect place to start my new career.”

We asked him what he thinks the secret to his success is.

“I believe in always doing your best. That’s why I always give it my all, making sure I fulfill my duties in a timely manner.”

Regarding his experience his TERRA, Saron is beyond pleased. He’s even referred his family to work with us!

“TERRA has provided me with new opportunities and experiences,” he said. “I hope they can also help my family find new careers.”

Thank you for trusting us with your job search. We wish we continued success!

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