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Looking for practical guidance, real-world solutions and best practices for managing the human resources of your organization? You’ve come to the right place! HR HotSpot is hosted by TERRA Staffing Group in partnership with select associations and solution providers. Regardless of your title or tenure, you’ll find valuable information to help you address the complex challenges and unique opportunities of today’s workplace.

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Is Your HR Dept Really Ready for a DEI Agenda? Turning Great Intentions into Meaningful Actions

Being ready to take on the difficult but important work around DEI requires more than good intentions. You need tools, a plan and a full-fledged…

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By Dr Tiffany Powell
24 Jun 2022

How to Communicate Better, Faster

This session blends information psychology, attention spans, and neuroscience to help you anticipate the needs of today’s distracted audience and make your messages more memorable.

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By Kristin Graham
20 May 2022

Navigating Next — HR in a Post-Pandemic World

What the pandemic has highlighted, and the lessons we’ve learned, will remain with us for a long time. At this unique moment in history, there…

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By Amy McKenna
25 Mar 2022

No Ordinary Day: Stemming the Tide of Turnover with Transformative Talent Strategies

As we continue to work through the pandemic, and work back toward a normal that feels like it’s just slightly out of reach, there is…

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By Jenifer Lambert
18 Feb 2022